We believe in passionate and fierce people.

Why BlueSoft?

In the Digital Market since 2007

With the tech boom, the world was reinvented and people reinvented themselves with it. Bluesoft arose from the need for brands to connect to this new world, share experiences, and build strong and lasting trust relationships with both audiences and market players.

At Bluesoft we are leaders in digital reputation. Our professionals are specialists, with track records of excellence on the digital channels.

Pedro Duarte Head of Business

We Are Digital Experts

Our team has extensive experience in digital marketing, creativity, and web development. We take pride in a demanding recruitment process, which guarantees a highly qualified team with both the skills and experience needed to implement digital strategies that bring our clients results.


Pedro Duarte Head of Business

António Cotão Web Development

We are trustworthy

We are transparent. Promises made are kept so we can always look a client in the eyes. We research, analyze, and offer the best strategies, so that our clients always reach their goals.

We are proactive

We constantly update and train our employees on the latest technological trends, guidelines and good digital practices and maintain a relationship of proximity with our client to guarantee complete confidence in both our work and methodology.

António Cotão Web Development Manager

Sílvia F. Watson Project Manager

Andrea Sousa Art Director

Daniela Pardelha Web Marketing

We have good energy

We believe that a job well done begins with harmony and mutual respect. At BlueSoft, we go beyond professionalism, striving to bring a good mood and positive energy to every interaction. This is true both in our daily lives and with our customers and partners, resulting in the full success of all our projects.

We’re continuously looking for bright people.

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